About Cornish Grammar — A Fun and Useful Way to Study



aboutcornish1The Cornish Language is as sublime and exquisite as the peoples’ heritage and culture. It may be spoken by a minority in the UK, but it is passionately read, written, and expressed by the famed Southwestern Brittonic Celts. The language itself is surrounded by an exclusive aura of ethereal beauty. Admittedly, for a student, the language is not quite easy to learn without help. That is where Cornish Grammar comes into the picture.

We know the Cornish Language from head to toe. Our experience in the art of teaching this dialect is unparalleled. We are indisputable masters of the trade, always striving to enhance our content for easier readability. Read on to know more about our features.

  • Our grammar guide comprises of all the aspects of the language. We ensure that there will be no need to look for knowledge beyond our comprehensive website.
  • The guide is specially catered to meet the requirements of novices, part of the reason we are proud to call it the ‘Cornish grammar for beginners’.aboutcornish2
  • The teaching methods that we have implemented are straightforward and concise. They could accommodate the needs of even the most inept of learners.
  • We have compiled an exhaustive list of real-world examples which we are sure you can relate to.
  • After reading our thorough guide right from spellings down to entire sentence constructions, we are confident that you will be able to jabber and scribble in the language after a few weeks accurately. You will not make a single grammatical mistake.
  • You will initially go through our list of simple Cornish words and verbs, followed by prepositions and adjectives leading to the more complex Cornish phrases.
  • Our guide has been edited and proofread for factual, grammatical, logical, and structural inconsistencies by the most accomplished Cornish experts in the market.

The main categories which you will be going through include,

  1. Spellings and sounds
  2. Verbs
  3. Nouns and articles
  4. Pronouns
  5. Prepositions and conjunctions
  6. Adjectives and adverbs
  7. Sentence construction

Our website is a school which will not only coerce you to think about the delicate intricacies of the language but also help you to ignite a flame of passion for the dialect that will last for many years to come.